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KÜÜL® pads are your best choice for evaporative cooling pads because they are manufactured from the heaviest weight kraft paper and the highest resin content. Even though KÜÜL® pads are strong and durable, some applications require greater protection. Port-A-Cool, LLC now offers Black Diamond Edge Coating for KÜÜL® pads to meet that requirement.


  • Weatherproof – Black Diamond Edge Coating for KÜÜL® pads is tough and durable for demanding agricultural applications.
  • Pad Durability – KÜÜL® pads are manufactured to be the strongest pads on the market but consistent direct sunlight and constant water saturation can lead to mineral and scale build-up. Black Diamond Edge Coating can reduce or even eliminate this build-up and extend the life of pads in certain applications.
  • Pad Maintenance – KÜÜL® pads, with the extra protection of Black Diamond Edge Coating, can be cleaned more vigorously and, as a result, will further resist mineral and algae build-up and accelerated decay.
  • Pad Efficiency – Black Diamond Edge Coating is evenly applied to the pad and does not restrict water or airflow. While increasing rigidity and durability, Black Diamond Edge Coating allows for the most efficient and effective cooling for a wide variety of applications.
  • An advanced curing process and resin technology that results in media with improved strength, longevity, absorption and cooling efficiency
Reliable Poultry Supply

The key in achieving the best performance from an evaporative cooling system is maximizing the amount of air that comes into contact with the cooling pad surface area.
Evaporative cooling pads typically produce the most efficient evaporative cooling when they are designed to provide the maximum
interaction possible between air and water.
A properly designed and maintained pad and fan evaporative cooling system will effectively cool ventilation air without wetting a room and its contents. Proper design supplies:
1) water impartially over and through the pad area and 2) the desired air flow through the room. Good maintenance practices preserve the pad and keep the water delivery system in proper working condition.

Reliable Poultry Supply

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KÜÜL® pads are created using an advanced curing process and resin technology that results in media with improved strength, longevity, absorption and cooling efficiency