Feeders and Accessories

Chore-Time offers a wide array of feeders for broilers, broiler breeders and turkeys of all ages. Two of our most recently introduced feeders are pictured below.

Innovation Is Our Middle Name
In the 1950s, Chore-Time dared to offer broiler producers an innovative choice – the round pan feeder – as a better alternative to chain feeders. It turned out to be the right choice because pans are now the industry standard. As an industry leader, we now offer a choice of many different pan feeders. Each is designed to handle different needs and levels of management.

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Revolution® Broiler Feeder

On the floor or in the air, the REVOLUTION® Feeder
introduces the ability to progressively adjust the feed
level instead of cutting off brood levels abruptly. Begin
with a high brood level for chicks, then reduce the feed
level gradually for incrementally lower feed levels as
birds grow. With the REVOLUTION® Feeder, you can even
adjust brood feed levels automatically using a ramping
program for up to 10 different feed levels.

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LIBERTY® Open-Grill Broiler Feeder

The LIBERTY® Feeder’s open grill provides easy access to the feed for broilers of all ages and weights.
The LIBERTY® Feeder offers variable flooding throughout the flock. Using a winch, adjust the flood level in up to 200 feet (61 m) of feeder line at a time –100 feet (30.5 m) in each direction.
From the scalloped grill’s comfortable fit to the feed-saving fins and grill/pan edge, this feeder suits both broilers and their growers.

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MODEL C2® PLUS Poultry Feeder

Featuring the Extended Fin Model of the Well-Known Chore-Time® Original Feeder.

  • Longer anti-rake fins keep the cone off the bottom of the pan – permits more feed in the pan when the windows are closed with the pan on the floor.
  • Fixed height at the bottom helps maintain feed flow at all times, regardless of pan height or litter level.
  • Unique pan profile uses a shallow cone molded into the center of the pan. This short raised area within the upper feed cone aids with feed distribution, both through the flood windows and into the pan.
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Proven Reliability PLUS Added Strength and Size for Today’s Bigger Birds. Chore-Time’s MODEL ATF™ PLUS Feeder retains all the reliability, ruggedness, and quality that the industry has come to appreciate about Chore-Time’s famous Model ATF™ Feeder, PLUS even greater benefits for you:

  • Proven durability for use with 40-pound and larger turkeys.
  • Better feed conversion – wide feed saver lip and feed saver ring help retain feed in pan, while larger pan-to-shield opening encourages birds to keep their heads in the feeder for less feed spillage.
  • Save labor when flooding pans or lowering feed levels with Chore-Time’s time-tested central winching system.
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MODEL G™ PLUS Poultry Feeder

The Heavy-Duty Feeder for Roosters, Roasters, Turkeys and Other Poultry.

  • Shallow pan option reduces the need for feed trays and extra labor when starting birds.
  • Optional feed windows fill pans high with feed to attract young birds.
  • Feed-saving features include Chore-Time’s “V”-shaped pan bottom design, double pan lip and anti-rake fins.
  • Extended fin model keeps the cone off the bottom of the pan (when the pan is on the floor and the windows are closed) resulting in more feed in the pan and improved flow for harder flowing feed.
  • All-plastic construction with ultraviolet protection and reinforced eating and cone wear areas. Precision molded parts are corrosion-proof and easy-to-clean.
  • Easy-to-read feed level settings make feeder easy to adjust for flooding or for a lower feed level as birds grow.
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LIBERTY® Open-Grill Turkey Feeder

The LIBERTY® Turkey Feeder Maximizes Feed Visibility and Access while Minimizing Waste.
Well-Suited for Feeding Turkeys
The LIBERTY® Feeder’s Bird Positioning Ring helps keep poults out of the feeder – no more raking out crusty feed.
When the green feed cone is raised, the unique shape of the center cone helps poults see feed flowing.
Using a winch, adjust the flood level in up to 200 feet (61 m) of feeder line at a time – 100 feet (30.5 m) in each direction.

ALL-OUT™ Flooding from Any Height
The LIBERTY® Feeder delivers ALL-OUT™ Flooding, on the floor or in the air.
The green feed cone can be manually locked into the full flood position, or use winching for a variable flood level.
No windows to restrict feed flow means feed is more visible and heaped high for poults.
The LIBERTY® Feeder’s Actuator System features a positive locking mechanism which prevents over- or under-cranking.