Chore-Time Nipple Drinking Systems
Chore-Time’s RELIA-FLOW® Drinkers Provide a Reliable Flow Rate Consistent with the Way Birds Drink

Four different flow rates for various bird types and environments RELIA-FLOW® Nipple Drinkers feature precision-machined, stainless steel parts throughout the flow control area for long life and consistent, reliable flow for broilers, breeders and turkey poults.

When you grow with Chore-Time, you get the drinking system components and accessories you need to provide plenty of fresh water to your birds. Every grower knows how critical water is to starting birds well and keeping them healthy and productive. Choose one of Chore-Time’s proven drinking systems and pair it with our one-of-a-kind PDS Control to ease your drinker management chores.

  • PDS™ (Pneumatic Drinking System) Controls
  • University-Confirmed Flow Rate Data
  • Broiler, Breeder & Poult Drinkers
  • Drinker Application/Management Data
  • Drinking System
Reliable Poultry SupplyRELIA-FLOW® Nipple
Chore-Time’s broiler nipple is easy for birds to trigger from day one for optimum early feed conversion.
Reliable Poultry Supply

Optional Button Nipple
Chore-Time’s large button nipple holds a big bead of water that birds easily see.

Reliable Poultry Supply

Chore-Time’s RELIA-FLOW® Nipple Drinker


  • Precision-machined, stainless steel parts in flow-control area.
  • Drinkers can be triggered from 360°.
  • All parts resist corrosion, and the U.V.-resistant gray PVC pipe blocks light to minimize algae growth.
  • Saddle-to-pipe structure minimizes leaks by using a special assembly process without glue or o-rings.
  • Rigid aluminum support channel also serves as an anti-roost device.
  • Factory-assembled sections are easy to install and to operate and have low maintenance requirements.
  • Proven history of providing plenty of water for birds.
Reliable Poultry Supply

Chore-Time’s PDS™ (Pneumatic Drinking System)
Use Chore-Time’s PDS™ (Pneumatic Drinking System) Control for automated flushing and centralized water pressure adjustment.

  • Change the pressure in all lines or flush all lines from one remote location.
  • Program PDS™ Controls to automatically flush drinker lines as often as four times per day or as seldom as once a week.
  • Easily run “flush stimulations” to get cool water to the birds during hot weather.
  • Popular 4- and 8-station controls are now even easier to program with simple dial and button selection on the faceplate and no menus to navigate.
Reliable Poultry Supply

Chore-Time’s Conversion Nipples
Use Chore-Time’s PDS™ (Pneumatic Drinking System) Control for automated flushing and centralized water pressure adjustment.

  • Fully Assembled RELIA-FLOW® Valve is easily field replaceable for retrofit applications.
  • J-type and threaded body replacement valves are available for retrofit use.

Reliable Poultry Supply

PDS™ Regulator (Pneumatic Drinking System)

Reliable Poultry Supply

Slope Compensator

Makes it easier to manage increased water column due to floor slope.