Bin Accessories

Digital Weigh-Matic
Scale System®

All Chore Time Digital Weigh-Matic Scale Systems include temperature compensation which is advantagous for continuous inventory applications. The temperature compensation provides an accurate inventory of weigh thru a broad range of temperature variations. The Chore Time Weigh-Matic Scale System is designed to monotor feed inventory, or to dispence predetermined amounts of feed.

Digital Weigh-Matic Scale Systems models available are based on maximum feed capacity. The gross capacity of the scale system includes the weight of the feed bin, Flex-Auger System, and scale frame structure.

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The Model 100 Digital Indicator®

Best for monitoring daily feed consumption and to provide feed inventory amounts. Comes with a computer interface port.



Reliable Poultry Supply

Model 200 Digital Indicator®

Can be programed to preset amounts by the numerice key pad for dispensing preset feed ration amounts plus monitors feed inventory. Also available with a computer interface port.

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Reliable Poultry Supply

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Access Plus®

Chore Times Access Plus allows makes it easy to clean out the entire bin from the ground. The ACCESS PLUS® door panel also features a rubber-like seal to re-seal the hopper opening after each use.


The Spring lock Lid offers the benefit of a lid with a positive, spring-aided closing action that resists wind and helps keep snow and rain out. It is easy to open with one hand and slides down the roof out of the way of the feed truck’s auger. Remote access option provides added biosecurity.

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See Thru Transitions

Visually inspect the feed flow to the bin’s boot and auger system with one of Chore-Time Brock’s transparent bin transitions. Made from a transparent polycarbonate material, these bin transitions offer high strength and high impact resistance. The transitions are available in translucent red or clear models.

SHAKER-PLATE® Material Flow Control

For first-in, first-out feed bin performance, Chore-Time Brock’s SHAKER-PLATE® helps the bin feed out consistently and trouble-free. It causes feed to slide down the sidewall and hopper in a mass flow, constantly cleaning and polishing the inside of the bin. This mass flow action eliminates opportunities for feed to hang up and turn stale or moldy.

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