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Poultry House Construction


Having our own steel truss shop makes it possible for us to economically engineer and build poultry houses designed for your specific site and size requirements.


Broiler houses in the United States are constructed with wood or steel trusses and supports. The houses are clear span structures from side wall to side wall with no support posts, because support posts make it harder to catch birds and clean out the house.


Because of the demands for greater productivity, these spans have increased to 50 feet and more. Our shop is on the cutting edge of steel truss design, and that insures you receive the all the benefits of efficient house construction and design.


But more than even steel truss design, our background in large scale poultry production gives us a unique advantage in designing and building poultry houses.


It's important to keep in mind the economics of a contract poultry grower. Since a large portion of free cash flow occurs post debt service, you need a structure that will perform for a long time.


So the decisions you make at the very beginning can have a tremendous impact on your overall returns.


Make sure you deal with a company that does more than erect farm buildings. Reliable Poultry Supply works every day to help producers achieve maximum efficiency and increase revenue.


Put that experience to work for you.

poultry house construction Early stages with foundation and sidewalls going up

end wall construction End Wall Construction

Note large bay door for ease of access

metal truss construction Steel Truss Construction

Ask us about the many advantages of using steel trusses for your poultry houses