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Agricultural Incinerators


All poultry production operations have to determine how they will deal with the disposal of dead birds.


Incineration is the most biologically safe of all disposal methods because it reduces the carcasses to ash using very high temperatures. There is no threat to water quality and no threat of spreading disease. Incineration also will minimize insect and vermin problems.


Incineration was a very popular method until the 1970's when fuel prices escalated and made the method costly. Most information on the efficiency of incineration is based upon the older styles of incinerators and not the newer designs. The newer designs utilize an improved single burner in combination with a redesigned fire box which enhances combustion.


A recent study conducted by North Carolina State University compared the costs of composting and inceneration. The results were surprisingly close because of the greater amount of time and labor required for composting or burial.


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Agricultural Incinerator